Sports Concussion Associates takes a comprehensive approach to concussion care. We provide baseline concussion testing for children and adults to identify neurocognitive, balance, fine motor, and visual integration issues. When necessary, we provide specialized community outreach and education to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussion and the appropriate steps that should be taken to prevent, diagnose, and treat concussions.

Sports Concussion Associates brings together a team of medical experts who have been treating patients for decades. The team includes physicians, neuropsychologists, athletic trainers, Neuro Optometrists, as well as vision and balance therapists.


Custom orthotics are fabricated shoe inserts that can improve shock absorption, reduce joint stress, increase muscle efficiency and control, and improve postural alignment and balance. Our certified Physical Therapist uses molding to fabricate custom orthotics for athletic as well as fashionable shoes through Biomechanical Services.


Blood flow restricted (BFR) rehabilitation utilizes a guided pressurized tourniquet to decrease partial blood flow to the limb while performing low level exercises. This results in increased muscle strength and hypertrophy. Ultimately, muscles are able to get stronger while reducing joint loading to allow for adequate tissue healing while recovering from an injury or surgery.


Low level laser light (LLLT) utilizes Near Infrared (NIR) light to stimulate a protein called cytochrome c oxidase (Cox) in the mitochondria. This signals a cascade, which increases ATP, modulates reactive oxygen species, and induces transcription factors for cell growth, leading to accelerated tissue healing. Evidence supports LLLT to improve tissue healing for tendon, muscle, and bone injuries.


In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer massage therapy services by a licensed massage therapist.
Types of Massage include:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

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Certified Pilates Instructors teach 60 minute customized programs on the Pilates reformer, Cadillac, and Chair to optimize fitness performance.

Personal Trainers create individualized fitness programs that incorporate strength, flexibility, and endurance to meet your fitness goals.

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