Affordability of care is within our reach at Newport Physical Therapy. We strive to provide everyone access to the quality orthopedic physical therapy care that they deserve. Through our extensive experience and relationships with insurance providers we have achieved preferred provider status for all major insurance companies, including: Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, CorVel/CorCare, First Health/CCN/Coventry, Medicare, MultiPlan/BCE, PHCS, Tricare, United Healthcare, and Worker Compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physical Therapy?
According to the American Physical Therapy Association, Physical Therapy, which is the care and service provided by or under the direction and supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist includes:

  1. Examining patients with impairments, functional limitations, and disability or other health related conditions to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention.
  2. Alleviating impairments and functional limitations by designing, implementing, and modifying therapeutic interventions.
  3. Preventing injury, impairments, functional limitations, and disability, including the promotion and maintenance of fitness, health, and quality of life in all age populations.
  4. Engaging in consultation, education, and research.
Is all Physical Therapy the same?
What makes NewSport Physical Therapy different from other Physical Therapy clinics in the area?
At NewSport Physical Therapy you will truly find one-on-one care. When designing our practice our goal was to offer an intimate and personal environment for a relaxed delivery of care. One of our facilities is quaintly located in Corona del Mar next to Sherman Gardens which offers our patients an extraordinary view and a positive and relaxed environment for their comfort. The other clinic is conveniently located in Newport Beach off Bristol St, near the 73 and Jamboree, and offers a large space for customized sports training and fitness. At NewSport Physical Therapy we have brought back what therapy used to be… personalized care with personal relationships. You will never feel alone or like a number in our clinic.
Do you take insurance?
Yes. We accept most major PPO insurances, Medicare, TRICOR, and Worker Compensation and Liens on a case-by-case basis. Please call the office at (949) 675-2922 to discuss your personal insurance coverage. We would be happy to assist you in verifying coverage and benefits.
How much will I have to pay for therapy?
The amount you are responsible for depends on your individual insurance plan. The insurance coordinator will discuss this with you prior to or on the day of your first visit.
What can I expect on during my first visit to NewSport Physical Therapy?
During your first visit you will be asked to complete processing paperwork unless you have completed it prior to arrival (see patient forms). You can expect to spend approximately 15 minutes if you have not completed your paperwork.
Do I need to bring a prescription to start Physical Therapy?
No. Although we do not need your prescription to perform an examination, we do need it to begin treatment. It is helpful for your Physical Therapist to have this during your first visit to make an appropriate Physical Therapy diagnosis.
What should I wear to my first visit?
Wear comfortable clothing and shoe wear allowing your Physical Therapist to access the problem area. It is also important to wear comfortable gym attire to your follow up sessions as your Therapist will likely have you perform certain exercises. If your sessions require increased physical exertion, we have a restroom/changing room and shower available to you for your convenience to wash up.
How long will my physical therapy sessions last?
You can expect that each session will last approximately 60-80 minutes.
Who will perform my physical therapy treatments?
During every visit a Licensed Physical Therapist will deliver your treatment including hands on care (soft tissue mobilization and/or joint mobilization), stretching, exercise, and modalities (if necessary). We also have highly trained Physical Therapy Aides who, through the supervision of your Physical Therapist, guide you through specific exercises your Physical Therapist has prescribed for you.
What should I expect during my initial examination?
A Licensed Physical Therapist will perform the examination consisting of:

  • Subjective Assessment. Your Physical Therapist will discuss your pertinent past medical history including diagnostic testing by your doctor, current and past symptoms, problems or chief complaints, current and past 30 day pain levels, review of medications, your aggravating and easing factors, your current functional deficits/status, and your expected goals following the completion.
  • Objective Assessment. Your Physical Therapist will make observations and take measurements including:
    • Range of motion: measure active and passive range of motion of applicable joints
    • Strength testing: test for weakness and/or asymmetry of the appropriate muscle groups
    • Neurological testing: reflexes, sensation, and strength testing may be used by your Physical Therapist to determine if your nerves are being affected or contributing to your symptoms
    • Palpation of the affected area(s)
    • Postural assessment: Position of joints and symmetry of your muscles
    • Gait analysis, balance, and coordination testing (when appropriate)
    • Functional testing (e.g. lifting, stair climbing, squatting, transitions)
    • Special testing necessary to obtaining relevant objective information
  • Skilled Assessment. Your Physical Therapist will discuss his/her findings and educate you using charts or models to help you understand the possible factors influencing or causing your symptom pattern.
  • Plan. Your Physical Therapist will discuss his/her plan for treatment based on your goals. Additionally, he/she will discuss the how long and often you should expect to be in formal physical therapy to achieve the selected treatment goals.
Will I receive an individualized home exercise program?
Yes. All patients receive an individualized home exercise program (with detailed diagrams) as we believe this is perhaps the most important factor in a successful long term outcome. If it is expected that you will continue to benefit from your treatment, you will have to make some behavioral changes or modifications to your daily activities and/or lifestyle.
Will I have to same Physical Therapist for each visit.
Yes. Our philosophy is to have our patients seen by the same clinician for each visit as this practice improves continuity and in most cases the outcome. In certain circumstances you may be asked to see one our other Therapists. In these cases it may be due to illness or vacation of the Therapist, a conflict in the schedule, or in consultation with another Therapist to assist in promoting a higher quality of care and/or outcome.

Still Have Questions?

Questions regarding medical coverage? Prior to your first visit, please call the number on the back of your insurance card. Should you have further questions, our front desk staff is happy to review your benefits with you before your first visit.

Have questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Our front desk is happy to assist you. Please call us at:

Corona Del Mar: (949) 675-2922 OR

Newport Beach: (949) 261-6101

Cash rates are also available.


 “Two years ago I underwent hip replacement surgery, I was fortunate that a friend in the medical field highly recommended NewSport Physical Therapy. The attention to details…exercises, stretches and choices in footwear etc was A+. Two years later, I’m back for the second hip replacement. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful care I’ve received from Claudia and her NewSport TEAM…”

- Michael M

 “I wish I could give 11 stars (spinal tap joke). I go to Newsport Therapy whenever I have a sports-related injury, and they help fix me (twice for back, both shoulders and my triceps). At one point in my life, I thought I could never surf or run again, and was selling all my surf boards. Now I surf every day, and run every day. I’ve worked a lot with Michelle and Hanna. Trust in Newsport!”

- Jack H

 “I had a total hip replacement about a year ago. After the operation I had zero zero range of motion. After going to New-sport 10 different times, I was brand new. Beware, they make you work at getting better. You’ll be super happy with all the staff, and for sure the results.”

- Bill Hardy